About the Author

Stephen Glenn grew up in a sport obsessed family and was encouraged to try his hand at as many sporting activities as possible.

While at school he played football, rugby and ran, he greatest honour was being the only boy in his co-ed school to wear a predominantly green honours tie, Athletics being the only sport that was co-ed at the time and most of the other male honourees being rugby players or prefects. 

He first delivered a bowl before he was ten. First got into American Football with the advent of Channel 4 as well as his lifelong obsession with the Tour de France every July. He remembers every FIFA World Cup since 1978 when he was 8 and every Olympics since 1980.

He started blogging in 2005 mainly on politics but by 2012 realised that there was a large proportion of his blog that was sports related. So he decided to archive that material and separate the two subjects.

Here he can get more indepth with his sports without distracting too much from his political message.

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