Why a separate sport blog?

When I started blogging in 2005 the main thrust of Stephen's Liberal Journal was always meant to be politics. In the years I was commuting into Edinburgh I formed a discipline of having something political to say first thing every morning and I felt that was when the Journal was at its strongest.

Increasingly my other major interest of sports seeped into my blogging. Now some of that blogging was politically related but most of it was commentary, opinion, preview and analysis of the sports that I follow. July gets taken over by the Tour de France, this summer there was the Olympics and other sports especially football appeared with increasing regularity.

In September of 2012 I decided that the main thrust of the original blog should be politics once more. Though I will still do some lighter pieces during the week. But I will not rely on sport to be a filler, maybe too often in 2012 it was a coverage for laziness in having something political to say (although I was writing for four political blogs).

This blog is therefore a purely sporting blog and unless a sports story involves some political angle it will not appear in the main blog, though I will appear in the sidebar in my list of what else I am blogging. It will also be an archive of all the sports related blog posts I have written down the years.

This space will allow me to get into the details of the sports I love without turning off my political followers (although I know some of them will hopefully overlap).

At the end of 2013 I was getting more and more frustrated that the newspaper coverage here in the UK tended to not get much beyond football, rugby, cricket and horse racing for most of the week, and even then mostly only the men's teams. You might find the odd short paragraph here and there about other sport but there was an awful lot of good sporting coverage out there that you wouldn't get to know much about, some of it including British competitors at the top level.

So I made the resolution to try and bring coverage to many of our overlooked sports and really work on this blog to make it into a source of good reporting and coverage of some of those minority sports that struggle for coverage in the main stream media.

If you have any news about a sport that you thing should be covered tweet me @sportalmanac or email sportalmanac AT gmail DOT com

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