3 August 2005

Losing 4-0

I must admit I am not a big fan of the Old Firm, either Rangers or Celtic: probably has something to do with my upbringing.

However, knowing that Liverpool were reasonably safe I found myself glued BB2 not ITV2 last night. In first half Celtic started appallingly but they picked up going in 2-0 at half time, three more for extra time, four for the outright win. Was is possible? They were lively throughout the second half and soon all three Livingston supporters in the house my fiancee's father, brother and me were groaning at every missed opportunity.

In the end 4-0 was a good result but not enough, Celtic went down 5-4 on aggregate. Heaven help us when that team travels along the M8 to visit us at Almondvale. Especially as they'll have no midweek football to tire them out this year.

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