10 December 2007

2-0 It's Just Like Watching Brazil

Hamilton, the league leaders, came a visiting at Almondvale on Saturday. Now they play in red and white hoops so I have no idea why they felt the need to change into their change strip, but change they did, and it looked somewhat familiar.

Their Nike shirt was yellow with green trims on the cuffs and collar, their shorts were a very familiar shade of blue and the socks white. My initial reaction as with those around me is isn’t it a bit precocious to dress like Brazil.

Well they may have worn the clothes but they weren’t Brazil. They didn’t even threaten the Livingston goal in the first half and all the action was heading towards Bryn Halliwell in the Accies goal. The only Livi player who didn’t look up to speed was Robert Snodgrass who had been out for the last two games. Heading towards half time Mark Proctor had signalled Keaghan Jacobs to get out there and warm up so it looked like even the manager was thinking of making a change at half time, something that Snoddy later confirmed was the intention.

That was until Snoddy unleashed almost on half time a magnificent cross into the box which was just an inch or so ahead of the incoming head of Colin McMenamin, who is still looking to get of the mark on his return on loan from Gretna. This was to be Colin’s best change of the afternoon.

The second half started and the Accies at least seemed to have turned up a little but Livi’s keeper Colin Stewart handled everything that was thrown at him. But a beautiful build up down the right flank by Graham Dorrans, Dave MacKay and Thomas Pesir was worthy of Brazil and the cross in fell for Snoddy for his first goal on 52 minutes. He added a second latter and had a couple of other decent attempts to get his hat-trick. When Mark Proctor finally made a substitution triple. Snoddy didn’t realise he was coming off, or maybe didn’t want to, looking for a change to earn his first senior hat-trick.

So seeing as Hamilton brought the who analogy up with their team colours and position on top of the league. We may have played like Brazil, but it was like beating Brazil.

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