5 January 2008

That's More Like it

9th October 2001 was the last time before today. As I wasn't that frequent an attender at Almondvale then let alone a trip to Pittodrie which is where Livingston last scored 6 in a match.

One player appeared on both occasions. Scott McCulloch came on as a sub for Livi back in 2001 but was today again wearing yellow this time that of Morton's change strip.

I know I started a chant for 6 goals a couple of weeks ago, but somehow my chant of 'six nil we're gonna win six nil' had less effect today, thankfully. It probably would have been 6-0 as well except for a late penalty decision that confounded all the home fans none of whom saw the alledged handball that led to Morton's third chance on goal.

However, our cheeky shouts of we want six deserved a cheeky third goal which came courtesy of Leigh Griffiths one of the under 19 stars. Who broke the last defender with a somewaht lucky rebound off the defenders knee to his thigh then charging down on the keeper who came out but was smoothly rounded. The calmly slotted the ball in te ball into the onion bag.

My Jekyll and Hyde football team produced the good Doctor today after a somewhat disillusional festive period. Hope this leads to another run of good form, although some players have left and others are leaving.

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