28 September 2012

Reshuffling the pack F1 style

So the reshuffling of the Formula 1 pack has begun ahead of next season.

The first move was no surprise as Lewis Hamilton has followed to money that was on offer at Mercedes, taking the seat of Michael Schumacher.

Mercedes Team Principle Ross Brawn said:

"I believe that the combination of Lewis and Nico [Rosberg] will be the most dynamic and exciting pairing on the grid next year and I am looking forward to what we can achieve together.

"Over the past three years, we have been putting in place the foundations and building blocks that are needed to compete regularly for the world championship. The potential is now there to match any other team on the grid."
Perez and Hamilton on the Italian podium

Lewis's seat at McLaren alongside Jenson Button has gone to Sergio Perez who this season at Sauber has shown great potential finishing second in both the Malaysian and Italian Grand Prixs.

While Hamilton is a product of the McLaren academy the Mexican is a product of the Ferrari one. But the President of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo said he lacked the experience to replace Felipe Massa, despite having more points this season. 

Saurez said:

"For more than 40 years, McLaren have been a team every racing driver has aspired to drive for. 
"I was brought up on the great stories of Ayrton Senna's many world championship triumphs for McLaren.

"I've spent the 2012 season working very hard to demonstrate my potential, but I've always remained humble and focused. 

"I'm under no illusion that it is indeed a very big step - as it would be for any driver - but I'm ready for it." 

All this moving does leave an empty seat at Sauber. Only last week Peter Sauber the boss at the team Perez is now set to leave said he would take the seven times World Champion Schumacher "immediately" if he became available. There has yet to be a decision from Sauber about who will partner Kamui Kobayashi for them next year.

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